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Posted by Weed ( on 19:52:39 03/December/11

In Reply to: Rave Flyer Flyers Collector History Page *Help Needed* posted by Blayboy

hi Sam, not sure if you want the answers posted here or sent by email...

: Q1: What is the most extreme thing you have done to get a flyer???

in the mid 90s i was told about an empty dance music shop in North West London, about 30 miles away -- a nearby shop-keeper was looking after the place, but wouldn't let me have the key -- it took about a month of phone calls to the estate agents before i persuaded them to give me access -- drove over there on a really cold winter's day with step ladders tied on top of my car and spent all afternoon stripping the old flyers & posters off the walls -- it was dark by the time i left, and i was freezing, but it was worth it - two days later the builders went in and gutted the place

: Q2: What s the most you would pay for a flyer???

i'd probably go to 3 figures for the very rarest of early flyers if they were mint and of good provenance

: Q3: What is your favourite Flyer / Set of Flyers / Type of Flyer???

these are my 3 favourite English flyers (the explanations are from my 'desert island' page at -- follow link below for pics) -

Sunrise - A Midsummer Night's Dream - 24th June 1989
[White Waltham Airfield, Maidenhead, Berks]
This is one of the first full colour definitive rave flyers. I like the fact that there's no hype and clutter to get in the way of the subversive unwritten message, "Is it possible to enjoy taking drugs without dancing?". The picture is mysteriously entrancing, and those big round inviting eyes promise an adventure into the realms of the unknown that is hard to resist.

RPM Productions - Toxic Love - Just A Love Ting - 14th March 1992
[Festival Hall, Basildon, Essex]
I'm a sucker for fractals, and it was tempting to pick one of the beautiful high quality Pendragon flyers, or perhaps a design by artist Greg Sams. But this one won out, partly because of the event name itself, hinting at the danger of infection. The relative simplicity of the background contrasts nicely with the sexy dancer, which though a bit ambiguous adds a touch of excitement without being too sleazy. Also, it was the favourite flyer of someone very close to me.

The Gallery - Psychedelic Summers At The Gallery - 5th June 1998
[Turnmills, Clerkenwell, London]
The Gallery had a consistently creative series of flyers throughout the 90s, nearly all of them using the image of Dali's surreal sculpture "The Bust of a Retrospective Woman" in a variety of settings. Here it's cleverly combined with an earlier flyer, "Psychedelic Circus" (Bagleys, London, 18th Dec 1993), which itself was based on Martin Sharp's drawing of Bob Dylan, originally used for the cover of the October 1967 "Blowing In The Mind" issue of Oz Magazine.

but there's so many others... the clever ones, the funny ones, the sexy ones, the spiritual ones, the sci-fi ones... also i love the US West Coast flyers such as Narnia, which use soya-based inks to give a rich feel to the images

: Q4: When did you first start collecting Flyers?


: Q5: Many of us had our rooms covered in Rave Flyers but at what point would you consider you actually became a Collector ?


: Q6: What was it about rave flyers that made you want to collect them? (i.e. Artwork, Souvenirs, Memories, ECT)

loved their drug-inspired energy -- they were not just recording the rave scene but were part of it -- so much cultural history has been lost, and here was a chance to keep some of it alive -- also i'd been doing collages since the '70s and had just started exploring the world of fractals -- so it was a natural progression :)

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