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Posted by Weed ( on 21:41:06 15/December/11

In Reply to: flyer collection posted by 808raver

hi andy,

sounds like a good collection :)

> I see that 88 and 89 are the rarest and the most sort after

yes, they're definitely the ones i'm most interested in, but many 1990 and 1991 flyers are also hard to find
by 1992 people were putting messages in rave mags looking for other collectors to trade with
i first started trading with collectors in other countries (Europe, Australia & North America) in 1993

> Also any storage tips...

older flyers are hard to find in top condition -- most people had them up on their walls, so they suffered bluetac and pin holes
but some stored them carefully in nyrex plastic pockets, unfolded, and away from sunlight and tobacco smoke
and some just left them on shelves and in cupboards where they remained undisturbed for years :)


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