Re: 250, 000 new and old flyers for sale

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Posted by Tav Moor ( on 14:26:05 04/March/12

In Reply to: Re: 250, 000 new and old flyers for sale posted by BB

: Hi Tav..
: This sounds like a great opportunity and i'm sure there's plenty of other Collectors interested. Please appreciate that we do get a lot of offers of flyers that don't always materialize. Before we carry on with anymore discussions is it possible to see some photos (not scans) of the collection. Even if its 10 or so photos in a PhotoBucket or Facebook album? Be good to see how the flyers are stored ect
: Many Thanks... BB

Hi BB,

I am pleased to hear that you interested in buying from me up to 250, 000 rave flyers from approximately 1987 to 2012. Today, you have added to shortlist of potential buyers. I'm having a great response!

I can email you some scans as oppossed to photos of 10 or so flyers, or likenesses of part of the collection. I do not have Photobucket or Facebook for this.

What's your email address?

I do appreciate that you want to see how the flyers are stored, although I must point out that if you decide to go ahead with a pre sample you can minimize your risk. Perhaps you could settle on a pre sample and spend a lesser amount with me at first. This way we can see if you're happy, and that way we can look at bigger things later.

If so, how many do want to go for, what companies and brands, and how much do you want to spend today?


Tav Moor
075 539 63100

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