Re: Flyer Prices

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Posted by Wigs ( on 19:36:47 30/January/13

In Reply to: Re: Flyer Prices posted by phatdave

I think there are a few factors such as the information etc, but the most signnificant in my view is the couple of bidders with very deep pockets that have emerged over the last year and a bit. The one bidder (always marked as private) on ebay I believe has only lost one or two bids and they are nearly always responsible for the really high bids.

This seems to have had a ripple effect where buyers (including myself) now know that they need to bid more on the early ones, particularly 1989 and before. I've been caught up and bid much much more on some flyers than I ever dreamed of a couple of years ago (and still lost I might add.. lol)

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