Re: Flyer Prices

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Posted by LEWIS ( on 18:52:14 04/April/13

In Reply to: Flyer Prices posted by dax247

alright flyer posses.
i actually think the opposite. flyer prices have dropped in recent years. just that no good 89 - 88 stuff rarely appears on ebay before.
when it does sure your gonna get the odd good prices as two collectors know that the chances of winning or seeing it again even are pretty rare.

ive never had a run in with a mystery bidder.
only person who tends to keep clashing with what i want is dazhig. he actually lives quite close to me. aylesbury ! heh. beach uset to be my main nemisis on things i like but now it switched to dazhig. prob got the same tastes in flyers. the swine got part one togetherness but no matter. i got two others and the flyer design so not bothered.

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