i would advise to block this ebay bidder

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Posted by lew ( on 21:06:27 26/April/13

this dude left neg feedback on my main man - this and that uk - then me.

i believe this ebay user ozbeatproject and this ebay user bryndonna who is the same person is out of order. claiming not to recieve items when he does then leaves neg feedback. on multiple accounts with this and that uk, which is against ebay policy. he done it twice to my bro this and that uk and to myself once.

its been reported to ebay but i dont expect ebay to do anything about dishonest ebay uses that abuse ebays refund policy by claiming items never arrive when they do because buyers know the system. that unless there is a tracking number they are guaranteed a refund. i never ever seen ebay ban an account.

anyways sellers beware of these two ebay ids. ozbeatproject & bryndonna
i would advise to block by selecting block a bidder.


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