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Posted by Biornha ( on 23:31:18 10/April/14

In Reply to: Re: Requesting Weed posted by Carriah

: : Hi crryah <3 we still miss you.
: : Hope everything will turn out great with you boy can't wait till the day you return.
: : Yeah you know who I am.
: BIO<3 I've missed you my friend.
: I should be out of trouble within the next 200 days.
: How is crisis doing? I've written toaad part of his 50 hour quest.
: Can't wait to see you guys ingame again.

Well you have 200 days think about me and time will fly. If that doesn't work there are a lot of cute girls out there you can think about though :x I'm quite busy lately with school and recovering from my torn muscle injury.. That takes me like every day of the week (2 hours training, with school and regular work) So I can't inform you on that. Though a lot has changed. XX resigned and promoted Aslan to head, divine force was promoted by Toaad to head admin insteat, Vegeta and Ace resigned because of that, Kross is global mod, Aslan Head mod now, Tristen Forum mod. Yeah that's about it. I try to check in here once in a while if it helps you mate. I think I should open a new subject though. Can't wait to vid chat with you again. I mean ur voice sounds smexy!! c:

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