Re: CrisisX members + Carriah

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Posted by Carriah ( on 13:22:50 14/April/14

In Reply to: Re: CrisisX members + Carriah posted by Carriah

: : : : Hey, if you guys wanna talk to me, post here.
: : :
: : : You had to make this right after I send you another message right -.- funny guy :p
: :
: : No I'm officially Blind sorry mate.
: Haha, thats crazy about all the changes.
: I'll be on here every weekday for some part of time.
: Yeah 200ish days is gonna suck
: Wheres the rest of the crew?

Oh hey check this out, You remember Marshall right?
Well he got arrested a few days after me, but then got sent to a boys home.
Well I guess last night, he stole some kids phone and ran with some black kid, and the cops tracked them down and taised and caught the black kid but Marshall got away.
The black kids in jail with me now baha.

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