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Posted by UKacidhouse ( on 15:24:50 09/September/15

Flyers, Newsletters and related items. Available.
Please Email for more info.
(All UKacidhouse's & DeJa Vu 2go lists are being updated)

Quest Flyers - Name, Promotion - Venue, Location - Date, Dates - DJ's, Live PA - Info.

Quest (Seasonal Greetings) Quest, Broad Street, Wolverhampton. Dec-92 Carl Cox, Easygroove, Robbie Dee, Rat Pack, DJ SS, MC Magika, MC Lenni. A4
Quest / Starlight Paloma's, Wolverhampton Mar-93 N.R.G, DJ Ron, MC Ribbs, Peshay, Ray Keith, MC Bassman, Dr.S.Gachet. A4
Quest (Keep The Fire Burning) / Obbession Paloma's, Wolverhampton Apr-93 Obbession Night, Details of Quest & Fibre Optic at The Edge. Loads going on A4
Quest Paloma's, Wolverhampton ? 1993 LTJ Bukem, Essence Of Aura, Swanne, Food Junky, MC Magika, DJ SY. A4
Quest / Fantazia Paloma's, Wolverhampton Jun-92 Seduction, MC Man Parris, DJ Rap, Colin Dale, Stu Allen, Tin Tin, MC Robbie Dee. A4
Quest / 1st Birthday / Fantazia Paloma's, Wolverhampton Sep-92 Line up for Sept & the 1st Birthday. Carl Cox, Top Buzz, Rat Pack, Ellis Dee. A4
Quest / Pandemonium (NYE) Old Cinema, Wellington, Telford. NYE 31/12/1992 Pandemonium & Quest with Top Buzz, Mickey Finn, Fabio, Stu Allan, MC Lenni. A4
Quest / Amnesia Night / Groover Night Paloma's, Wolverhampton Jan-93 DJ SY, Mickey Finn, Fabio, Easy Groove, Loft Groover, Grooverider, M.C Leathal. A4
Quest Paloma's, Wolverhampton Feb-92 Kiss 100, Simon Bassline Smith, Slip Matt, Doc Scott, Groove Rider, Entropy Night. A6
Quest Wolverhampton Oct-92 Tin-Tin, Man Parris, Doc Scott, SS, Stu Allan, Mikey B, Ned Ryder, LTJ Bukem A5
Quest Palomas, Wolverhampton Mar-92 Fabio, Grooverider, Carl Cox, Stu Allen, Rap, Hype, MC Joker, MC E-ZE-Vibe. A5
Quest (AD Feat Judge Dredd) Palomas, Wolverhampton. May-92 DJ SS, Pilgrim, Rap, Man Parris, Easy Groove, E-Lustrious, DJ. Rap, Gemini. A5
Quest / Pandemonium Palomas, Wolverhampton. Aug-92 Kenny Ken, Carl Cox, Seduction, Pilgrim, MC Magika, Micky Finn, Rat Pack, Fabio. A5
Quest Palomas, Wolverhampton. Jul-92 Open for 3 Nights & detials of the Dance Nation All Nighter. A5
Quest Birmingham & Wolverhampton Feb-94 Fabio,Chemistry & Storm,Rap,SY,Stu Allan,DJ Kid,etc long
Quest Palomas, Broad St, Wolverhampton. March-April 1994 Mixmag, LTJ Bukem, Hype, Carl Cox, Stu Allan, Mc Magika. long
Quest Broad St, Wolverhampton. April-May 1994 Top Buzz,Ray Keith,Donovan Bad Boy Smith,etc long
Quest (Fibre Optic / A Mid-Summer Night's Dream) Quest, Wolverhamton Jun-93 Easygroove, Fabio, Dream Frequency, Carl Cox, DJ Kid, Frankie Valentine, DJ SS. long
Quest (Wanted - Alive & Kicking) Que Club, Birmingham 30/04/1994 Ned Ryder, Randall, Conrad, Bassman, Easy Groove. A4
Quest (End Of Chapter One) Birmingham & Wolverhampton May - June 1994 Big weekly line-up at Que Club & the new club..! A4
Quest & Entropy Dance Nation 18th July 1992 Loads on - DJs - Pas - etc etc A3
Quest (the untouchables) Que Club, Birmingham 11/06/1994 Carl Cox, Rap, Groove Rider, Nexus, Ratty, MC GQ, Scarlet, Andy Evans. A4
Quest & Fibre Optic The Edge (formerly the eclipse) Coventry. 09/04/1993 Ratty, Carl Cox, Dave Angel, Loft Groover, Tango, Fallout, Graeme Fisher. A4
Quest / Mashed Que Club, Birmingham 05/03/1994 Grooverider, Randelll, Kenny Ken, LTJ Bukem, Nexus, Loft Groover, Bassman. A4
Quest / The Cube Cube, Newcastle-Under-Lyme 11/02/1994 First Quest Night at Cube. Grooverider, Stu Allan, SS, Ned Ryder, Paul Walker. long
Quest / The Cube Cube, Newcastle-Under-Lyme (2) 11/02/1994 First Quest Night at Cube. Slipmatt, Ratty, Nexus, Kenny Ken, Randall, Daba. long

Quest Mailouts, Newsletters - Name, Item - Title, Issue - Dates - Info

Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 1 Jul-92 News No. 1 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 2 Aug-92 News No. 2 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 3 Sep-92 News No. 3 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 4 Oct-92 News No. 4 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 6 Dec-92 News No. 6 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 7 Jan-93 News No. 7 A5
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 8 Feb-93 News No. 8 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 9 Mar-93 News No. 9 A4x2
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 10 Apr-93 News No. 10 A4x2
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 20 Feb-94 News No. 20 (setting the pace issue) A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 21 Mar-94 News No. 21 A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 22 Apr-94 News No. 22 (out on the range) A4
Quest Nightclub & Promoters - No. 23 (Vol 1) May-June 94 News No. 23 Volume 1 A4

Quest Releated Items -

United Colours of Quest Merchandise Summer 93 - All the music & clubbing kit from the people of QUEST A4x2

UKacidhouse - Email for info.

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