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Posted by Sam ( on 17:44:32 06/March/09

In Reply to: Re: Facebook... posted by Weed

: sounds good -- do filenames include dates (where known)?

the short answer is no!!

I have been sorting them into folders i.e
a-z british classic rave flyers..
amnesia house
or european flyers.. ect
then by promoter like thunderdome ect

Then just putting all the flyers into the relevant folders..
Unfortunatly the flyers on facebok are named by facebook and just have numbers.. but some flyers i have copied from other sites like yours have more details..

would be nice to name them but just down loading them takes up enough time!!! Maybe if i add them to a site will try and rename them?? will have 2 c..

Just amazing what flyers are on facebook.. by adding DJs as friends i have stumbled across hundreds of flyers.. many that otherwise i would probably have never seen.. in the last few days i have found galleries from Thunderdome, the eclipse, german d+b flyers, gbh flyers, recent hardcore flyers, american flyers and loads more!!

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