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Posted by flyerolav ( on 07:56:12 29/June/09

In Reply to: Re: Facebook... posted by Sam

Hello, I have a link to my webspace where i have an online database of Hardcore / Rave flyers.
All scans are from my own collection.

Greeting Flyerolav from Utrecht The Netherlands

: : sounds good -- do filenames include dates (where known)?
: the short answer is no!!
: I have been sorting them into folders i.e
: a-z british classic rave flyers..
: a..
: adrenalin
: amnesia house
: or european flyers.. ect
: then by promoter like thunderdome ect
: Then just putting all the flyers into the relevant folders..
: Unfortunatly the flyers on facebok are named by facebook and just have numbers.. but some flyers i have copied from other sites like yours have more details..
: would be nice to name them but just down loading them takes up enough time!!! Maybe if i add them to a site will try and rename them?? will have 2 c..
: Just amazing what flyers are on facebook.. by adding DJs as friends i have stumbled across hundreds of flyers.. many that otherwise i would probably have never seen.. in the last few days i have found galleries from Thunderdome, the eclipse, german d+b flyers, gbh flyers, recent hardcore flyers, american flyers and loads more!!

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