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Posted by Cheesy Quaver Raver Shop ( on 18:26:05 22/October/09

In Reply to: SHOP CLOSING SHORTLY...... posted by Cheesy Quaver Raver Shop

: Hi All
: Well, ebay has finally put the final nail in the shops coffin. In there wisdom(!!?) they have now declared that I have to offer free postage on all my flyers. How they actually expect me to make any money on a £1.50-£3.00 flyer taking into consideration the postage costs, envelope costs and plastic sleeve costs is unbelievable. My listings are now slowly being ended and Im having a long hard think about where to go from here. Its either a case of hiking the flyer costs up and including the postage costs in the actual flyer price (in which case ebay will make more money from final value fees, very shrewd Mr Ebay) or starting my own website. The website option is now far more apppealing as Im sick to the back teeth of ebay and their immoral fees and mindless ideas to promote business which in actual fact adds too much pressure on already beleagured sellers.
: Either option I decide to now take is going to take a serious amount of my personal time so I would suggest that if anybody is watching any flyers then buy them now before its too late. Thanks to everybody for their support over the years.
: Dean


I have had a change of plan. After deliberating on this problem for some time Im beginning to think this may not actually be such a bad thing this postage lark. Essentially it is an effort from ebay to do two things. The first, naturally, is to make themselves more money on final value fees, greedy bastards. The second, in my opinion, is an attempt to try and eliminate the suturation of ebay by the people who are listing flyers for 99p for free. They are well aware by now that the saturation of flyers on ebay isnt a good thing as it has forced the overall prices of flyers down. A good thing for buyers, I know, but the problem is it is devaluing flyers which we all know are worth more money than they are selling for. Its also making it a complete pain the rear end to trawl through listings, most of which are pants, lets be honest.

Ebay know they have made a cock up here by allowing all non shop sellers to list flyers for free and yet the shops still have to pay even if we list at 99p. Thats blatantly not fair and is essentially ruining my shop for one, obviously cant comment for the other sellers. We, as shop sellers, simply cannot compete with the guys that list for 99p for free in their thousands, no way. I think this is an attempt to rectify this mistake. NO-ONE can now list a flyer for 99p and post it in with that price, as Nic has rightly pointed out. Not without doing the whole thing for free. Ebay are well aware that sellers will now HAVE to put their postage price within the cost of each flyer and thus the flyer price will go above 99p and these sellers will have to pay fees, which they dont want to do. Then it starts costing them the same as it does us poor beleagured shop owners.

I have no problem with any of the 99p sellers, its not personal at all, I just wish they would realise that by doing this that they are essentially pushing the value of rave flyers further and further down to the point where its just not worth selling them. You may as well list the lot for a quid each buy it now. I personally dont want to see rave flyers devalued in this way. It is putting me close to closure, and I dont expect them to care about that really, but in the long term it will be detremental to themselves aswell.

Anyway, I have decided to plod on for the meantime, I will put the cost of postage on each flyer like ebay predictably want me to and I will rustle up some kind of bulk sale discount arrangement so that people generally get the same types of deals as they were before. That said, in the meantime, I am now talking to bods that talk the computer lingo about setting up my own website.

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