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Posted by Cheesy Quaver Raver Shop ( on 07:43:11 20/October/09

Hi All

Well, ebay has finally put the final nail in the shops coffin. In there wisdom(!!?) they have now declared that I have to offer free postage on all my flyers. How they actually expect me to make any money on a £1.50-£3.00 flyer taking into consideration the postage costs, envelope costs and plastic sleeve costs is unbelievable. My listings are now slowly being ended and Im having a long hard think about where to go from here. Its either a case of hiking the flyer costs up and including the postage costs in the actual flyer price (in which case ebay will make more money from final value fees, very shrewd Mr Ebay) or starting my own website. The website option is now far more apppealing as Im sick to the back teeth of ebay and their immoral fees and mindless ideas to promote business which in actual fact adds too much pressure on already beleagured sellers.

Either option I decide to now take is going to take a serious amount of my personal time so I would suggest that if anybody is watching any flyers then buy them now before its too late. Thanks to everybody for their support over the years.


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