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Posted by Weed ( on 20:49:56 31/October/10

In Reply to: Re: snide rave flyers <prints of rare ones > ebay posted by unsure too...

the subject of non-original flyers has been raised here before
there are some flyers where the originals look like copies because they were badly printed
in other cases there's been more than one print run, and the colour varies

photo-copies or home print are cheap, but it's usually obvious they're copies (eg from the type of paper used)
it's more difficult to re-print a flyer so that it look like the original
(with commercial printing, most of the money is in the setup cost, so doing a small run is expensive)

however if you suspect your flyer may not be an original, then how about -

do a scan (not a photo), at least 96dpi
if it's a double-sided flyer, scan both sides
put it up online somewhere, and add a link to it from this message board
(there's plenty of places where you can put it online for free - is probably the best known)
also needed are exact measurements of height & width, and a description of the paper/card
(if you've got a micrometer, then try measuring the thicknesss)
if the flyer has a border, then do measurements of both the full flyer and the outside border

(now at least we know which flyer we're talking about lol)

if i've got the flyer, then i'll get back to you about maybe doing more detailed checks

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