**MUST SEE** Rare 1988-90 Rave Flyer Collection For Sale

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Posted by antjai ( on 22:09:58 25/August/13




Hi Forum,

I have here a collection of rare and sought after Rave Flyers from late 1988 to 1990 but the most are 1989. I have decided to sell up and move hopefully abroad so I am currently bidding fare well to many treasured items I have collected over the years which has been difficult but ultimately I must move on and I need the finances. As you can see it is a wicked little collection and all are in Good to Near Mint condition. A few have centre-fold creases but are neat folds and don't detract from the flyer (I have taken the liberty of putting *c,f/n,m for those with a centre-fold but being otherwise Near Mint, *g meaning usual age related surface marks which are nothing serious, The rest are all Near Mint. As your aware some of these have gone for silly money but I am a realist and am open for sensible offers (for the whole collection together********). I was going to sell them individually but I have limited time and am very busy at the moment with arrangements etc. Here is a list of all flyers, dates and pictures. Many currently listed in 'most expensive flyers sold' section of the site. Offers are open starting £180. It will be a case of sending me a bid via private message and if a good offer is put in I will accept the offer, confirm it to the bidder then announce that an anonymous and undisclosed bid has been accepted. This will be announced in this post and no further bids will be accepted. It will be advisable to place an early bid as an early bid may just trump a neccesarily higher bid ;). As mentioned I will leave offers open for the 2 months or so if I feel a half decent bid has not yet been met. I hope they go to a good home and please contact me for further information privately (but no requests for individual flyer sales please, they are being sold as a set). The winning buyer will have Flyers posted 1st Class Special Delivery respectively.

Thanks for any interest in advance any pictures of individual flyers etc I can arrange on request and Happy Bidding and to all 'rave on, peace and clarity' ^:)^


recently sold prices next to flyers where found as a guide to what they are worth taking into account my copies are as good or actually better condition

1) 'Peace'_14th November 1989 @ Spat's Nightclub London
2) 'Biology' Presents Panorama_9th September 1989 @ Illegal Rave £17.00 06/04/13
3) 'EGO'_15th July 1989 @ Ye Olde Axe £26.05 02/03/13
4) 'Genesis' Presents The Empire Strikes Back (Gate-fold Flyer)_Saturday 9th September 1989 @ Illegal Rave RECENTLY SOLD FOR £64.00
5) 'Supernova' Festival Of Joy_14th October 1989 @ Illegal Rave
6) 'Method Air' The Nadir Is Over_July 7th 1989 @ The Arch Goding St £14.00 12/05/13
7) 'Middle Earth'_7th October 1989 @ Wastelands £10.69 28/02/13
8) 'Kraze' Return Of The Warehouse Concept_25th October 1989 @ Illegal Rave
9) 'Panorama' Presents Survival_28th October 1989 @ Illegal Rave *cf/n,m £14.99 06/11/12
10) 'Confession'_Every Sunday Starting January 1990 @ Woodside Place *c,f/n,m £10.00 29/09/12
11) 'Sunrise' Guy Fawkes Edition_5th November 1989 @ Illegal Rave £30.00 20/10/12
12) 'Fantasy World'_Saturday 23rd September 1989 @ Illegal Rave
13) 'Eternity II' Presents Dreamscape_ 9th February 1990 @ Farnham Centre
14) 'Timeout' (Gate-fold Flyer)_17th November 1990 @ Illegal Rave
15) 'Sunrise' A Midsummer Nights Dream_Saturday 24th June 1989 @ Illegal Rave £155.00 07/02/13
16) 'Dr Seuss Productions' Catch The Pigeon_Saturday 7th October 1989 @ Illegal Rave £25.00 16/09/12
17) 'Sunrise Promotions' Outrage_3rd March 1990 @ Limelight *c,f/n,m
18) 'Dance Party'_Sunday Bank Holiday 1989 @ Arena £14.99 22/04/13
19) 'ESP' Present Part 2_January 6th 1990 @ Roadmenders *cf,nm RECENTLY SOLD FOR £25.00 06/05/13
20) 'Redemption'_Saturday 24th November 1990 @ Illegal Rave Stratford East London
21) 'Passion'_Easter Bank Holiday 1990 @ The Fridge £10.50 17/02/13
22) 'Odyssey' A New Hope_Every Saturday From September 1989 @ London Earth Dalston Lane *c,f/n,m
23) 'Metamorphosis' Time Zone (Threefold Gate-fold Flyer)_New Years Eve 1988 into 1989 @ Wastelands *c,f/n,m
24) 'Mind Games'_Every Wednesday Starting March 1989 @ Turnmills *c,f/n,m
25) 'Schizophrenia' 89_Every Wednesday @ Ilford Palais
26) 'Free' Twilight Zone Promotions_Summer Celebration 9th September 1989 @ Illegal Rave *c,f (2 extra centre folds but still Good/Nr Mint Condition) [color=#FF80BF]£10.00 24/11/12
27) 'Renaissance'_11th June 1989 @ Crazy Larry's All Dayer' *c,f (few extra surface marks but in Good Condition) £12.00 18/11/12
28) 'Starzone' Destination Unknown_16th September 1989 @ Unknown Venue [/color] £20.00 31/01/13 slight colour differentiation
29) 'Destiny' Universal Mind Promotions_Saturday September 23rd 1989 @ Illegal Rave........................................................... :-o
30) 'Imagine' Heaven On Hole_Unknown Date 1990 @ Illegal Rave
31) 'Method Air'_28th July 1989 @ The Arch
32) 'Sunrise Promotions' Prime Time_May 1990 @ Limelight
33) 'Promised Land' Street Justice Promotions_Mondays Early 1989 @ Billstickers

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