Re: **MUST SEE** Rare 1988-90 Rave Flyer Collection For Sale

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Posted by lew ( on 10:05:17 26/September/13

In Reply to: **MUST SEE** Rare 1988-90 Rave Flyer Collection For Sale posted by antjai

it makes me laugh how when a flyer is sold, in the past that is how much it is worth when someone finds how much it sold for.

flyer collecting is a rare hobby. there are only a handful of serious collectors bidding high or good on rare stuff. it takes two to tango and once the item has appeared twice it wont fetch that price again. and a flyer price guide is only a guide of previous prices. flyers have no value atall or atleast they didnt. now they do thanks to collectors but there arent enough collectors willing to pay enough to keep prices at the same level. especially if its already appeared a few times. the price will tumble.

it is debaitable ! if flyers will be worth more or less in future but it is a topic most collectors want to talk about. value. because of what theyve spent on collecting what they have.

i think its safe to say value will only increase if they are preserved correctly as there will always be value in original art.
i saw a thread on laminated flyers. i havent read it but i am one of the few if only people who laminate my stuff. if done correctly it will preserve flyers greatly. and give a good finish.
laminating properly takes a good professional machine and the right spec pouches.

in 50 years. how are flyers that arent laminated going to look exposed to the air and uv light in plastic folders. even in plastic folders there not sealed and are exposed to air and uv light causing a chemical reaction in the paper which loses the colour and picture quality eventually.
when everyone elses flyers are falling to pieces. literally. and looking like old maps mine will still be mint.

as for the value of flyers. there only worth as much as the buyer is prepared to offer. actual consistent value is very low and prices should be pased on how rare the item appears as this will effect price greatly.

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