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Posted by Weed ( on 23:19:26 18/January/09

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: i think the problem is just finding a way of getting them all linked together.
: Be nice to have one group with different sections/ photo galleries...

yes, a facebook group has lots of advantages -- tho i don't know an easy way of indexing them so it's easy to find a particuar flyer -- would tags be good enough?

: Your flyer price guide has some good flyers on it.

not done much on that for over a year now -- can't decide whether to -

1) fill in obvious gaps in price guide (even if no price info is available) - eg adding early/missing pics of flyers from well known events, or

2) update the Hyperreal early flyers gallery to the end of 1989, or

3) update my hyperreal database to the end of 1999 and make it fully accessable online... something i've been intending to do since 1995 :(

beach's flyer site is very well organised, and has lots of flyers, including near enough complete sets for many events events -- i hope he's got it all backed up!

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