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Posted by Sam ( on 21:03:47 20/January/09

In Reply to: Re: Facebook... posted by Weed

I just think having a group with different photo galleries would solve it, you could use the promoters name or genre or or specific year or club or area e.g. Biology Flyers, Bournemouth Club Flyers, BangIn Tunes Flyers, Bristol Flyers, Brighton Flyers, etc etc and if you wanted to find a specific flyer you could just check the relevant gallery.

Not sure what you should do next Weed??

Maybe finish the 1989 Gallery. thats sounds the easiest of the 3. maybe you could get a couple of your own photo galleries on Facebook and then upload them into one of the flyer groups for everyone to enjoy... just a thought?? Mite b wrong but you seem to be more interactive response to the flyer groups on Facebook than to specific flyer sites????

Beaches site is quality, And Phat Daves, will get my site sorted again... honest!! just waiting for all the relevant scans to be postedon Facebook lol


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