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Posted by Sam ( on 20:17:32 16/January/09

In Reply to: Re: Facebook... posted by phatdave

Think what we need is 1 central page / database with clear links to every seperate flyer gallery on Facebook.

Is only because i added people like Slipmatt, Nebula, Colin Dale, Grooverider that you realise how many people are uploading flyers and tagging the DJs.

Theres so many different flyers (and shit loads of rare flyers that iv never seen before) being uploaded that it would be great to have them all linked up. it would also stop people having to scan flyers that are already online, they could then focus on scanning the lesser known rare flyers.

It would be nice if you could have separate folders for differnt photos in groups like you can on a personal page , i suppose thats why you started Dave flyers.

Keep up all the good work, look forward to seeing the new flyers..

Anyone else got an opinion???


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